Who Can Be a Contractor Member?

NSTA's Contractor Membership is open to any school transportation contractor operator. NSTA Bylaws define a school transportation contract operator as, any entity operating as owner or leaser of one or more vehicles engaged primarily in the transportation of children to or from school or related events. Contractor members make up the vast majority of NSTA membership base and is the only group afforded voting rights within the association. Have questions about membership? Feel free to give us a call at 703-684-3200 or email info@yellowbuses.org.

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Why Should I Become a Contractor Member?

Our goal and commitment is to provide our members with the support they need to be successful in today's challenging times. National School Transportation Association (NSTA) is committed to providing its members with the service and support they need in this ever-changing 21st century. NSTA is an organization that is active in helping its members reach their goals with improved programming, benefits, focus on advocacy, and professional networking. Across the country, NSTA members are making a difference for their businesses and their communities. Visit www.yellowbus.org to learn more about how NSTA can instantly connect you to industry specific information and other industry dedicated professionals.