Dan Kobussen
Dan Kobussen Kobussen Buses President
Patrick Dean
Patrick Dean Dean Transportation President-Elect
Kim Worster
Kim Worster First Student Vice President/Secretary
Jacob Iverson
Jacob Iverson Landmark Student Transportation Treasurer-Director At Large
Carina Noble
Carina Noble National Express Immediate Past President
Mike Ahern
Mike Ahern Krapf School Bus Region 1 Director
Bree Allen
Bree Allen National Express Director At Large
John Benjamin
John Benjamin Benjamin Bus Director At Large
Judith Crawford
Judith Crawford Beacon Mobility Director At Large
Kellie Dean
Kellie Dean Dean Transportation Director At Large
David Duke
David Duke Beacon Mobility Region 4 Director
Kirk Flach
Kirk Flach Landmark Region 2 Director
Donnie Fowler
Donnie Fowler Fowler Bus Company Director At Large
Denis Gallagher, Jr
Denis Gallagher, Jr Student Transportation of America Director At Large
Shane Johnson
Shane Johnson Palmer Bus Director At Large
Gene Kowalczeski
Gene Kowalczeski Student Transportation of America Director At Large
Blake Krapf
Blake Krapf Krapf School Bus Director At Large
Claire Miller
Claire Miller First Student Director At Large
Corey Muirhead
Corey Muirhead Logan Bus Company Director At Large
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. Director At Large
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams B.R. Williams Director At Large
Vacant Vacant Region 3 Director